Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hear the Taurusaurus ROAR!

As the day of The Launch approaches, I decided to do some tuning-up of our faithful friend and traveling companion, the Taurusaurus.
What began as a routine "oil change" has so far turned into 300$ worth of fixing, with a lot more on the way:
  • 2 new tires, rotated and balanced
  • oil change
  • power steering fluid flush
  • replacement front headlamp assembly and blinker light
  • new windshield wiper blades
  • coolant flush
  • harness for spark plug wires (?)
  • radiator leak. not sure yet how to tackle this one..
Luckily my car was backed into while I was in Canada and the compensation from the accident will most likely cover all of the tuning up yet to be done (hallelujah!)
So the dear vehicle will be in PEAK condition for this venture. She was taken such great care of at Les Schwab today-those people are really very wonderful. Great customer service.

Since being doctored, Taurusaurus told me she's extremely excited to hit the road. She has no idea what's coming!