Thursday, February 11, 2010

A lake truly worth its salt

I (Amy) have journeyed through Salt Lake City approximately 6 times. And never have I stopped at the lake. I've always wanted to, but either didn't have the time, didn't have the support of my fellow car mates, or didn't know where to turn.

However, 7th time was the charm - thanks to a willing car mate, all the time in the world (well at least 4 hours) and directions!

And so, after thoroughly enjoying all that Salt Lake City had to offer (In-and Out, IKEA, the incredible hospitality of Tommy and Krissi, and breakfast at the only place worth eating breakfast - Cracker Barrel), we were off to see what the lake was all about!

Apparently, this great lake is the most popular tourist attraction in Utah. We knew this, being certified tourists and all. Bethany is still getting great mileage with her yellow plastic visor.

So before we get to the actual lake, I have to share that this was our last official adventure of the trip. Yep. We were kind of heavy-hearted in this... really not wanting the thrills of new places and new people and new experiences to end, and yet knowing that the end was near. So the Great Salt Lake was our last ho-rah! Our final toast! And a glorious one it was.

Since the lake itself is HUGE - it's the largest salt water lake in the Western Hemisphere - and there was no way we could see all of it, we narrowed our exploration down to Antelope Island. Unbeknownst to me, the Salt Lake hosts 9 islands, but Antelope is the largest and the home of wildlife and crazy views of the Great Basin. We used the last of our spare change to pay for passage on the causeway from the mainland out to the island, a little unsure as to what we would find. It was an incredible drive - so quiet, so very sulfury, somewhat eerie, seriously beautiful!

As Bethany mentioned in our last entry, the West is truly our home. Where the buffalo roam. This sign was extremely exciting to me - I was hoping we would see bison at some point on our trip... it just seems so American.

And see bison we did! Coming around a corner of this desolate island, we found ourselves in the middle of a whole herd of bison! This loner was my favorite. How did bison end up on an island in the middle of the Salt Lake you may ask? Good question. I don't remember. Google it.

Bethany has become uncannily good at sniffing out the cool places to drive to. This time she chose the quiet road that led us to an old ranch that was full of antique tractors, pump houses, and articles of mystery. Thanks to my dad, I did know what this old scythe was for, and gave Bethany a tutorial in prehistoric lawn care.

Then she taught me how to dominate saw horses - err, saw steer in this case.

And as we drove back over the causeway, a hawk paused long enough for us to catch a picture of him before he flew away into the misty sulfur clouds.

It was an adventure well had!

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  1. The first picture, I thought you were back in Fargo ...